Latin Tutoring NYC
Latin and Ancient Greek tutoring in New York City and the Tri-State area.

Standardized test prep

US: SAT II Latin, AP Latin: Vergil, National Latin Exam, National Greek Exam
UK: GCSE Latin, GCSE Ancient Greek, GCSE Classical Civilisation, A-Level and AS-Level Classical Studies
As much as I love my Classics, the secret of test prep is knowing the format of the test as well as best practices for test taking techniques.  Did you know your first instinct on a multiple choice test is usually correct, or that lingering on a difficult question can be more costly than leaving it empty and using that valuable time on several easier questions?  

My test prep includes:

   •  A thorough understanding of the expectations of the test in question, with several timed practice sessions.

  Identifying exactly which language skills will be tested, and building strength in those areas.

      For exams with required reading (literature papers), an in depth appreciation of the tested literature in English and in Latin/Greek, fostering knowledge through appreciation and practice.


Rates are on a sliding scale.  Please email or call for more information.  References available upon request.