Latin Tutoring NYC
Latin and Ancient Greek tutoring in New York City and the Tri-State area. / 917-409-7312  

Assistance for students currently enrolled in a Latin or Greek course

The way into Latin and Greek is through building confidence and enthusiasm.

My teaching strategy is:

Break down "overwhelming" challenges from the student's current course into manageable components, and show the student how they can succeed at several simple tasks.

  Convey an infectious enthusiasm for the satisfaction of mastering language building blocks.  In this regard, Latin and Greek can be more enjoyable than spoken languages because mastering them is like playing a strategy game.

Develop study skills for memorization and practice which will keep the student ahead of the game not only in the challenge of a dead language, but in many other disciplines requiring a long-term commitment.

       Once the student has demonstrated ability to themselves, develop a long-term plan for continued successful engagement in their course of study.


Rates are on a sliding scale.  Please email or call for more information.  References available upon request.