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Latin and Ancient Greek tutoring in New York City and the Tri-State area.

I offer the following services in Latin and Greek tutoring (please click on the links for more information):        

Assistance for students currently enrolled in a Latin or Greek course

Standardized test prep (US and UK)

Tailored courses for independent study

A common hurdle in learning the Classics is the long task of learning the language before you can enjoy all the brilliant and moving literature it has to offer. Sometimes students are even told they are "bad at" a language, before they have had the chance to achieve small accomplishments and look forward to bigger ones.

The way into Latin and Greek is confidence through mastering the building blocks of the languages, enjoying the "strategy game" aspect of translation, and learning how to understand a thrilling culture and literature which is much closer to our own than we often realize.


You used to say that you knew only me,
and that you wouldn't choose Jupiter himself over me.

I adored you then. Not the way any man prizes his mistress,
but as a father adores his sons and sons-in-law.

Now I understand you. 
And so, even if I burn stronger for you,
the cheaper and emptier you seem to me.

You ask why. 
Because a blow like this one makes a lover love you more,
but respect you less.

-- Catullus 72

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